Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Blog? What Blog? Oh Thats RIGHT!! I have a blog!!

Soooooo, I've neglected this blog for .... quite some time now. I've had many changes in my personal life these past few years and I think I'm finally ready to get creative again. My studio looks like a bomb went off in there, so that is the first thing on my agenda. I'm baking again, not that my butt needs any more baked goods.... but I am obsessed. Bread, cookies, etc... and it goes without saying... cupcakes. So, I think my blog will include some food / recipes etc. Plus, since I'm addicted to the supermacro on my camera, I know everyone on the planet would love to see extreme closeups of ..... cupcakes!

So, until then..... :o)


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Jack Sprat - WIP-001

Well, I've had thoughts of Nursery Rhymes in my head for some time now.
This is the beginnings of the "Jack Sprat" diorama I will be working on.

Here are WIP pics of Jacks wife....I think I might make her chin/neck even bigger.....we'll see....
I have visions of her shoveling in "the fattening" food while her skinny husband Jack, sits across the table eating "lean".



Sprat Wife-001